Small, Light, Easy

Introducing Cuebi Light, a wireless tally light via WiFi.

Works with Blackmagic ATEM, NewTek TriCaster, vMix,
Ross Carbonite, Streamstar and most broadcast control systems.

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Cuebi Light is small, light and fits on any camera


Cuebi Light is no bigger than a pack of matches and it looks awesome on any camera


Weighing only 10gr, Cuebi Light will not limit your movement


Cuebi Light slides right into a camera's accessory-shoe, and connects with the switcher via WiFi


The easiest wireless tally solution available today!


Cuebi Light is 100% IP-based and connects over a standard WiFi network to a switcher.


Blackmagic ATEM, NewTek TriCaster, vMix systems, Ross Carbonite, Streamstar and any broadcast system supporting the TSL UMD v3.1 protocol.


Cuebi is the most compact and affordable wireless tally system on the market today.

Future proof

Firmware-updateable, so more and more switchers and systems will be supported, and remain supported.

External triggering

Connect a small LED to fit inside the camera's eye piece or trigger a viewfinder's built-in tally light.


The Cuebi Lights work together and talk directly to the switcher, no need for a separate base station.


Add wireless tally signaling to all your productions!

Cuebi Light 4 set

A portable carrying case with 4 Cuebi Lights, USB cables, velcro straps and AA powered battery pack (AA batteries not included).

External trigger and power cable

Connect a small LED to fit inside an eyepiece, or trigger your monitor's tally light. Also works directly with Datavideo TD-2 & TD-3 LEDs to create a bigger tally light.

D-Tap USB adapter

Power the Cuebi Lights from a D-Tap-style connector.


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tech specs

Connects over IP, powers over USB

  • Power input: 5V micro USB
  • Power consumption: 0.4W (80mA)
  • WiFi: 2.4Ghz b/g/n
  • Dimensions: 25mm (W) x 42mm (L) x 16mm (H)
  • Weight: 10 grams

You can use as many Cuebi Lights as your setup requires.

The Cuebi Lights connect over WiFi, so you need a wireless access point connected to the switcher network. Connect each Cuebi Light to your computer via USB to set up network credentials, IP addresses and camera input number.
Attach it to a camera and power it up by connecting it to the provided battery pack or any other USB power supply.
Within 10 seconds the Cuebi Light is started and connects to the switcher. It will show a red light for program and a green light for preview.
All you need is a decent wireless access point to set up a stable 2.4Ghz b/g/n WiFi network, connected to your switcher. You also need some AA batteries, or a USB power source for each Cuebi Light.
It is safe to update your switcher without breaking the Cuebi Light, the firmware can easily be updated through the setup utility.
The range largely depends on the strength of wireless access point and any physical obstructions present, but is similar to other devices connected to the same network like phones and tablets. If required, the range can easily extended by adding more access points to the network.
We wanted the Cuebi Lights to be as small and light as possible, so it can be placed anywhere you like, viewfinder, LCD monitor, etc., without limiting your movement. It also gives you the freedom to select the most optimal power source for your setup. Many camera's have some form of power output, like a USB port or a d-tap connector, that can be used to power the Cuebi Light.


Download the setup utility to get started

Cuebi Light Manual

Setup utility for Mac

Setup utility for Windows



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